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Programme info

25.06 – 08.07.2023 | Hamburg

Contact persons at DIBeratung

زورن فایکا

Sören Faika – Tutor / Phone No.: 0049 176-61058884

Christina Schneider-Siemon –

Christina Schneider-Siemon – Tutor / Phone No.: 0049 160-90388808

Narges Naderloo

Narges Naderloo – Extracurricular Tutor /

Phone No.: 0049 159-01244983



During your stay, you will be provided with half board worth 20 € per day. There will be a breakfast buffet for 7,45 € every morning in your hotel. Besides we will either visit a restaurant together for lunch or book a catering service.

Our experience has shown that it is best if everyone pays for themselves first and receive the full amount at the end of the stay.

MP Campus

Working with the communication platform MP Campus is necessary during all stages of the manager training program, even during your stay in Germany. You are required to use the platform to enter information about your B2B contacts, accomplish tasks and submit evaluations after each event. Besides handouts, videos and more will be uploaded here.

Please note: The fulfillment of these tasks is an important condition for obtaining the certificate at the end of the program.


My Profile
Make sure you completed your profile with your full name, photo and your company’s name.

My B2B Contacts
It is important that you enter all the information about your B2B contacts (company, address, contact person,…) on MP Campus. The entries at this point serve as proof to GIZ and are essential.

My tasks
Tasks that have to be accomplished on MP Campus during your stay in Germany include self-checks, preparations for company visits and filling in evaluation forms after all the events you participated.

MP Campus Manual
A detailed manual of the MP Campus can be downloaded [here].